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Essay Directions for Test 3 - architecture and The Bauhaus...

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Essay for test 3- 500 words – 3 citations !! Remember introduction, body conclusion(do not say in Conclusion) Cite in the paper and have bibliography. Have at least 3 different cites Modernity in the arts. Painting and architecture must be your main subjects. Pick out a prominent artist. No General. Pick one artists(Picasso and Dali are the biggest ones) Just Pick one. Also write about
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Unformatted text preview: architecture and The Bauhaus. Write about Architecture and the Painter you choose. (ferro-concrete, started before WWII, and moved to US. We still basically use Bauhaus , Bauhaus chair we sit in class. Start reviewing Friday. Bring book. Haven’t talked about Dance yet. Diego Rivera and Frita...
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