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World Religions - Kassim - Buddhism Exam I I is on Thursday...

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Unformatted text preview: Buddhism Exam I I is on Thursday March 5, 2008 On Buddhism and Religions of China Buddha Buddha was born a Hindu in the second caste His objections to Hinduism: o Too many gods; Humans should get more attention than the gods o Too many rituals/too ritualistic o Too much focus on castes o Too much emphasis on sacrifices There is a difference between Atman(Hinduism) and Anatta (Buddhism) Common elements with Hinduism 1. Karma 2. Reincarnation 3. Ahinsa 4. Nirvana (moksha) Hinduism symbol is Om(Aum) and Buddhism symbol is the Wheel of Karma Life of Buddha Buddha was born in 560 B.C. in the Chatriyas(second ) caste His father was a king of a small kingdom (Nepal); he hoped that his son would become a great king. His full name is Siddhartha Guatama Buddha o Siddhartha means: The one who have overcome the cycle of birth and death. o Guatama means: good soul o Buddha means: The one who has awakened and found wisdom Legends about Buddha 1. The moment he was born, Buddha walked 7 steps. This symbolized that this birth was his 7 th and final birth 2. His mother saw in a dream a white elephant walking into her womb. Expers in dream interpretation decided that Buddha would either become a great king or a great teacher a. As a result of the dream interpretation, the king raised his son in a luxurious and princely manner; he had every extravagance and was given the finest education; including the arts of battle and warfare....
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World Religions - Kassim - Buddhism Exam I I is on Thursday...

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