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Christianity Christianity Judaism and Christianity share many common elements Christianity grew out of Judaism Main difference is regarding Messiah o Christianity - Messiah has already come o Judaism - he is yet to come The Life and Teachings of Jesus What we know about the life of Jesus and his teaching is four Gospels. They are considered in Christianity the basic sources. Jesus was born in 4 B.C.E. At the time Jesus was born, Jerusalem was part of Roman Empire o Romans might have ruled Jerusalem harshly. At the time Jesus is born, there were Judaic groups o The Sadducees kept up temple rituals o Pharisees very observant of Jewish laws The Jews waiting for Messiah , foretold in books Isaiah , Daniel , Micah o Would bring new order based on the principles of justice and love Messiah means one who is ‘anointed’, refers to ceremony of anointing a new king with olive oil. Miraculous conception of Jesus took place in Nazareth ; was born in Bethlehem . Was circumcised on eighth day according to Jewish tradition Probably attended synagogue school as a child Later as an adult he took up the profession of carpentry with his foster father Joseph Raised as a devout Jew, Jesus accepted the sacred authority of the Law. o Observed Sabbath and dietary laws. o Well versed in the Hebrew Bible o Soft spoken. o Appeals to common people, speaks their language o Simple and straightforward, and occasionally very witty. Surprisingly, the four Gospels do not inform us anything about Jesus from the age of 16 to almost 26 He is just out of sight! One does not know what to speculate Jesus started preaching of the ‘Kingdom of God’ in his twenties o Baptized by John the Baptist o Also formed the ministry After preaching for about four years, arrested on the charge of public disturbance in Jerusalem . The Sadducees , who were in charge of religious matters, considered him dangerous. For Roman Empire, he was potentially a source of unrest. Somehow the charge was changed to blasphemy and he was crucified at the age of thirty two (25-26 C.E.) o Was seen after three days… Two Great Commandments 1. Love God and love your neighbor 2. The end of the world is near and the new world is about to come, meaning, there would be new social and political reality where justice and love would prevail.
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Four Gospels 1. Mark – Written in 65-70 C.E . 2. Matthew – Written in 70-80 C.E . 3. Luke – Written in 75-85 C.E . 4. John – Written in 90-100 C.E . 1. Mark is the shortest and simple. From the point of view of history, it is very valuable as it describes the facts as they were. It speaks of Jesus as son of God and Messiah performed miracles and speaks of his public life Ends with account of Jesus’ empty tomb. 2.
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Christianity - Christianity Christianity Judaism and...

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