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HINDUISM Origins, continued: Greeks, upon learning of them from the Iranians, called them indos rather than ‘indos from which we have the word ‘Indian’ Thus, Hinduism is the way of life, thinking, customs, rite, rituals, etc of the people of India. Sanskrit o 36 letters in this language Dravidians: Original inhabitants of India o Grid-like patterns, brick houses, running water, sewage system Peaceful agricultural people Little known about religion, probably assimilated by Aryans o Fertility cults/phallus of Shiva in later times(Shiva was the creator) Dark-skin people, short in general Dark curly, hair. South Indians can pass for black. Plumpy cheekbones(best characteristic) Aryans: Through Khyber Pass; conquered Indus Valley People of India today are product of Dravidians and Aryans. Blue eyed, blonde hair, tall, high bone raised on cheek? The Religion of the Aryans: Dyaus Pitr or Indra o God of Rain, parallel to Greek God Zeus Varuna o o Winds and Storms, respectively * **Find out which Hindu goddess is the most popular*** Agni o Fire Soma o Drink, by which one can gain immortality(amarat) Gods are placed into three realms: 1. Celestial 2. Atmospheric 3. Terrestrial *Akash = ether * Hindu Scriptures: Vedas(written c. 1500 BCE) Upanishads(written c. 500 BCE) Epic Literature Mahabharata(Bhagavad Gita) & Ramayana(written c. 100 CE) The Vedas: Vedas means “Knowledge” There are four: 1. Rig-Veda
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2. Yajur-Veda 3. Sama-Veda 4. Atharva-Veda 1. Rig-Veda: a) ‘Rig’ means praise. Rig-Veda contains the praise of Gods(devas) b) 1028 in number c) Aryans placed themselves into three upper castes and Dravidians into lowest. o Based on Varna(meaning color, specifically skin color-color of skin) **how many gods are in ancient India** don’t know how many god they might have * 1,033,000 GODs* o In Rig Veda, Brahman says: I’ve created Brahmins from my mouth, Chaitras from my arms, Vaishyas from my thighs, and Shudras from my feet.” o Economic class division part of religion Caste in Rig Veda: 1. Brahmin : Priestly class ,religious authority 2. Chaitrya : Rulers & kings, defend country 3. Vaishya 4. Shudras: manual laborers; also include: (lowest class) a. Parayas (Untouchables) (do the dirty work)
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Hinduism - HINDUISM Origins, continued: Greeks, upon...

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