Islam - Islam Islam • Islam is the religion and Muslim...

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Unformatted text preview: Islam Islam: • Islam is the religion and Muslim means the one who believes in the religion of Islam • I t is the second largest religion in the world. (Christianity is the largest-200 million) o There are about one billion Muslims in the world. (symbol of India was the cow/)(symbol of Islam is black shape)(Allah is god and Muhammad is messenger) ( moon and star is the symbol of the country) The Muslim World: 1. 22 Arab Countries(20% of Muslim population). – 200 million 2. Largest segment of Muslim population is in Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. –200 million 3. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country—100 million 4. I ran, Turkey, Afghanistan each has 50 million, 50 million and 40 million –140 million 5. Five Republics of former Soviet Union—50 million 6. China—50 million? 7. Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya—100 million 8. Total = 1 billion Muslims The Muslim World (cont.): • Comprised of diverse groups of people o Race, ethnicity, languages, local customs and traditions • United by religion of Islam o Evidence in performance of Pilgrimage to Mecca by Muslims(see in the movie) o Example: Malcolm X Islam: • Islam means submission to the will of God • Mono theistic religion, falls within Judaic Christian tradition • The children of Abraham o Jews, Christians, and Muslims o Origins of Muhammad traces through son, Ishmael-(son of Abraham) o Animal sacrifice—relates to willingness to sacrifice his son Islam: • God of Jews, Christians, Muslims is the same: o He is Jahweh in Judaism o Theos (Greek) o Deos (Latin) o Allah (Arabic) o El (Elohim) in Hebrew Islam: • Similarities and Differences between Islam and Judaism/ Christianity 1. Monotheistic 2. Prophets 3. Scripture(Qur’an, or Koran) 4. Day of Judgment 5. Heaven and Hell a. Heaven a geographical place, Paradise b. Hell also a place 6. Angels and Lucifer—angels worship god, Lucifer is fallen angle 7. Jesus in Judaism, Christianity and Islam a. In Islam, a Prophet, not God incarnate. i. Huries—Jinn (most beautiful women, long black hair) (Jinn--some are good and some are bad? Jeanie from Aladdin?) Arabia Before Muhammad:+ • At the time before Muhammad was born: 1. They were idols worshipers. I t was said there were 360 pagan gods. Some goddesses were cherished highly. They are: a) al-Lat b) al-Manat c) al-‘Uzz 2. Used to hold on to customs of forefathers, had t ribal mentality. Were very conscious of their last name- held patriarchal identity. 3. Used to drink heavily 4. Carried on fights and battles against each other for generations 5. They used to practice usury 6. Slavery was not uncommon amongst them Muhammad: • Born in 570 C.E. in the city of Mecca (know dates)(C.E. after death and crucifixation of Jesus) • Died in 632 C.E. in Medina (Yathrib)(Islam is a modern religion) • Father Abdallah died 6 months before Muhammad was born • Mother Amina died when he was about 6 years old • So who raised him?...
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Islam - Islam Islam • Islam is the religion and Muslim...

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