Overview III - Judaism The way of life living people born...

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Judaism – The way of life – living, people born in Judea 1. Who is a Jew? Judea, Hebrew, Israel… which one is a true identity of being a Jew? Jew comes from Judea and becomes a word Judea. Jew means the one who comes from the place of Judea. Hebrew –language – comes from the word Apiru – nomadic people – 12 tribes that the nation of jews became Israel* - the one who strives with god Founder of Judaism – Abram then became Abraham meaning the one who will multiply. Isaac follows as a prophet, after him comes Jacob 2. Hebrew Bible? Pentateuch Five Scrolls or 5 books – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. … Nav’im and Kethuwim 3. Abraham, Moses…David, Solomon a. Abarham is patriarch of Judaism, children of Abraham b. Moses – 10 commandments, responsible to make morals in the religion. Not only faith in god, but in morals and ethics c. David – the prototype king, responsible to unify mission of Judaism. Make the jews, Jews d. Soloman – built the first temple. He was able to build the temple and as a result he had to raise money from the people by employing taxes. 4. First temple and second temple a. First temple by soloman b. Second built by the people who came from exile from Babylonia. Comes temple of synagogue worhsip 5. Temple worship and Synagogue worship – where people get together, the place of gathering where people worship. a. Temples are built outside of synagogue worship? Today synagogue becomes common thing 6. Covenant – between Abraham and God – It means pact between Abraham and God that he would worship only one god and his people would only worship one god. 7.
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Overview III - Judaism The way of life living people born...

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