Overview IV - Father generated the Holy Spirit Eastern...

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Overview: Exam 4 Christianity part II Who was Arius and what did he say about Jesus? Bishop of Egypt and he said Jesus was a great and ideal human being but not Son of God. In what countries will one find Eastern and Western Churches? Latin speking Eastern Countries and Greek speaking Western Churches Eastern Churches in Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Syria, and Palestine Describe the main differences between Eastern and Western Churches Eastern Church holds a decentralized concensus based model while in the Western Church authority is vested in the Pope. Eastern Church holds the view Jesus had two separate natures, not united in single person emphasizing the divinity of Jesus while the West held that divine and humans were united as a single person emphasizing more on human aspect of Jesus Eastern church allows only icon in the worship while the West allows Statues Eastern church allow marriage of bishops and ministers while in the West they are NOT allowed to marry Western Church held that Father AND son generated the Holy Spirit while the East hold that only
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Unformatted text preview: Father generated the Holy Spirit. Eastern Church, one is baptized by dunking the whole body while in the Western Church they only sprinkle the holy water on the head. Eastern Church uses both bread and wine while the Western Church uses only bread, but todays its changing. What is the status of the Pope in the Western Church and Patriarchs in the Eastern Church? The pope in the West has centralized authority. The Patriarch in the Eastern Church make decisions regarding doctrines and practices along with community members. Who was the father of Reformation? What were main objections Martin Luther took against the (Catholic) Church? Describe two main contentions of Martin Luther. Describe two main commandments of Christianity Love god and love your neighbor The end of the world is near and the new world is about to come, meaning there would be new social and political reality wehre justice and love would prevail....
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Overview IV - Father generated the Holy Spirit Eastern...

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