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RELIGIONS OF CHINA RELIGIONS OF CHINA Syncretism —following more than one religion at a time o Confucian—customs and traditions o Buddhist—worship and rituals o Taoist—outlook, literature, philosophy, art, music ORIGINS: Confucianism and Taoism are indigenous to China Buddhism brought to China by Indian Buddhist monks around 100 A.D. o Shanghai is where the money is TRADITION CHINESE BELIEFS Before Confucianism and Daoism became full fledged religions, Chinese held beliefs which helped to form their two religious traditions: o Symbol and ying and yang(peace sign) and another symbol. .black circle w/ yellow two sided k in the middle. BELIEFS 1. Spirits: early system was polytheistic; spirits active in nature 2. Shang Ti or Tian: high power ruling the universal a personal God 3. Ancestor Worship: ancestors die, become spirits watching over us. 4. Yang and Yin: male/female, strong/weak, light/dark; opposite but complimentary 5. Divination: The Book Of Changes; methods of knowing future 6. Harsh life, natural catastrophes; forces to understand the patterns of nature to live in harmony. THE GOAL OF CHINESE LIFE… ..Is to achieve harmony (on exam) o Confucianism seeks harmony in social and political life o Taoism seeks harmony with nature. C onfuscianism o Achieve harmony by following the right path (Dao) or right method/path o Harmony consists of right relationships among members of the society; relationships can be taught Life of Confucius o Name K’ung Ch’iu o Given title “Kung Fu Tzu”(Great Teacher) o Born into noble family o Father died when he was a child o Was a tax collector, then became a teacher o Later part of life became minister in government MAIN CONCEPTS IN CONFUCIANISM 1. Ren(Jen); love for humanity 2. Li, propriety; being appropriate; having right etiquettes 3. Xiao, Filial Piety (Respect for Elders), Five Relationships:
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