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RELIGONS OF JAPAN — SHINTO SHINTO Simplicity—shitty yellow car ORIGINS OF SHINTO Indigenous religious tradition of Japan( Nippon, WeiWei ) In Japanese, “ Shen Do ” ( the way of spirits ) called so after the name for “ Butsu-do ” ( The way of Buddha ) SHINTO ‘Kami no Michi’ ( The way of Kamis or spirits ) Kamis active in nature o Powers of nature o Can be good or evil o Need to be in harmony with them o Everything if filled with Makis Kamis is unpredictable GOAL OF JAPANESE LIFE Is to live in Harmony with Kamis How can such a harmony be achieved? o This is explained in the Myth of Creation THE MYTH OF CREATION In the beginning there was nothing. It was absolute chaos, which somehow came to be resided by several Kamis. From amongst these Kamis, two of them became primordial or cosmic Kamis. They are Izanagi ( which literally means ‘female who invites ‘ and ‘male who invites’ ; respectively) MYTH OF CREATION—MOTIFS Four main motifs for careful attention
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