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Kamis—“what is worshipped”, contextual meaning, beyond number, not exclusively good, come and go KAMI=sacred Syncretism-multiple traditions Indigenous tradition Founded tradition – Buddhism Taoism and Confucianism Foreign tradition – Christianity, has not been assimilated completely Not a “founded” tradition, no explicit set of teachings Confucian philosophy integrated in Japanese culture, while Christianity lacks integration TORII = entrance to shrine Kamidan = small shrine in home Izanami and Izanagi—understood after yang and yin and men and women come together. Chinese influence. Izanami- male who invites. Izanagi- female who invites
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Unformatted text preview: Purification Theme-wash after enter torii, wash your face and hands, then proceed to kami. Pure when you go to Kami Kamis mirrors, not statues (no restrictions of kamis) No qualifications for being a Shinto priest Sakaki = sacred branch of a tree Emperor descended from Sun god Amatesaru kamisemperors are sacred after 2 nd world war Religious freedom? Shinto status with government?. .freedom of religion after WWII. No longer sacred in China Sun Goddess Amatesaru **** from Amatesaru comes Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan...
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