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History - Final Exam Study Guide Multiple Choice/Fill-in-the-Blank 54 th Massachusetts Volunteers Abraham Lincoln (Secession Crisis)- How dows Lincoln figure out hwo to get around the secession crisis. When SC secedes and he has to resupply forts he made the south attack. He makes the south fire the first shot and the south is seen as the aggressor in the Civil War. Andersonville – the southern prison in Georgia most notorious. B’rer Rabbit Battle of Vicksburg – right after battle of Gettysburg. Union takes Vicksburg and gains control of Mississippi River. We as in the north(union) Democrats view of power –government always endagers private rights Dred Scott – case that says blacks are not citizens of the US, cannot restrict slavery in the territories, temp residents in free state Effects of the Civil War – does not expand powers or presidency Emancipation Proclamation – Lincoln guarantees the war has toe nd wit the something of the South. South has to lose the way. Complete conquest of the South Field Order No. 15 – 40 acres and a mule
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Final Study Guide - History - Final Exam Study Guide...

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