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Notes- History- 2-16-09 Abigail Adams-“Remember the Ladies” Women participating in the Revolution: - Daughters of Liberty: - made clothes, participated in political actions as well. Boston Tea Party was initiated by Sarah Fulton. All the things they did was to support what the male patriots were doing. Willing to give of one of their favorite things(tea) to boycott British goods. Went to someone’s warehouse and ties the guy up and took his supplies that he was trying to sell for a higher profit later in war. (POLITICAL ACTION) -Nurses at the battles and afterwards: --Molly Pitcher. Followed husband around and even finished his job when he died in the war. Women receive pensions for war. Women dress up as men to fight in the war. --Fundraising -Social Pressure:
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Unformatted text preview: Put social pressure on men to join by refusing to have sex If they do not join the patriot cause. Non-married women refuse to dance with men who refuse to join the cause.--Start taking over the workplace—Abigail Adams manages the family farm while John is gone.--Mary Goddard prints official version of the Declaration of Independence.--Sacrifice* What do women get from the Revolution:--their hard work is appreciated but not really going to be recognized--REPUBLICAN MOTHERHOOD: Education factor. Moral compass Doctors(midwife)—mom was often saved rather than the kid while giving birth. Motherhood- this was main goal of women-to have kids /marriage and do “women work” Women gradually improve their equalness as time goes on....
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