Quiz 3 - Quiz 3 1. In 1.-'s War (16751676) Native Americans...

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Quiz 3 1. In 1.-----’s War (1675–1676) Native Americans destroyed twelve Massachusetts towns, which helped establish them in the minds of New Englanders as bloodthirsty savages. -King Philip 2. How did English rule affect the Iroquois Confederacy? A. After a series of complex negotiations, both groups aided each other’s imperial ambitions. B. The English destroyed it temporarily but revived it under Sir Edmund Andros’s rule after the Glorious Revolution of 1688. C. English oppression drove the Iroquois to the side of the French, who eagerly sought their support. D. It enabled the Iroquois to build alliances with other tribes against a common enemy. 3. What sparked a new period of colonial expansion for England? A. The withdrawal of New Netherlands from any pursuit of building an empire B. Her victory in the religious war with Spain in 1676 C. A treaty signed with the Iroquois Confederacy D. The restoration of the monarchy in 1660 4. The 1.----- of Carolina proposed to establish a feudal society in the New World, complete with hereditary nobility. -Fundamental Constitutions
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Quiz 3 - Quiz 3 1. In 1.-'s War (16751676) Native Americans...

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