Quiz 5 - 1 A B C D Quiz 5 How did the Seven Years'War...

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Quiz 5 1. How did the Seven Years’War affect British relations with the colonies? A. England became accustomed to regulating them more closely during the war and continued in this manner after the war. B. England finally began enforcing the Navigation Acts. C. It didn’t affect relations at all, since the revolution seemed inevitable, given how poorly they all got along before, during, and after the war. D. The need to pay for the empire and the belief that the colonists should contribute prompted increased economic regulations and new taxes. 2. 1.----- produced a famous engraving of the Boston Massacre, was a member of the Boston Sons of Liberty, and produced the Liberty Bowl, which listed the names of legislators who opposed parliamentary taxation. - Paul Revere 3. 1.----- was expelled from his seat in Parliament for his scandalous writings about the king; this caused many colonists to rally to his side with the call “Wilkes and Liberty.” (Hint: Name of a person) - John Wilkes
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Quiz 5 - 1 A B C D Quiz 5 How did the Seven Years'War...

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