Quizes 1- 6 Combines - Quiz 1 1) A. B. C. D. Which...

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Quiz 1 1) Which statement about the Pueblo Revolt is false? A. It was inspired by the Pope, but he died before the actual revolt took place. B. It resulted in a wholesale expulsion of the Spanish settlers. C. It resulted in a total renunciation of Catholicism by the Indians. D. It arose in part from missionaries burning Indian religious artifacts. 2) Adam Smith recorded in 1776 that the “two greatest and most important” events in the history of mankind were the A. discovery of America and the Portuguese sea route around Africa to Asia. B. beginning of the slave trade and the Portuguese sea route around Africa to Asia. C. discovery of American and the beginning of the slave trade. D. birth of mercantilism and the Portuguese sea route around Africa to Asia. 3) Which statement about the Indians of North America is false? A. Indians lacked genuine religion. B. Indians did not covet wealth and material goods as the Europeans did. C. Many Indian societies were matrilineal. D. The idea of private property was foreign to Indians. 4) New France was characterized by A. enduring alliances with the Indians. B. a well-defined line between Indian society and French society. C. severe conflict between French settlers and the Indians. D. a Protestant missionary zeal to convert the Indians. 5) Unlike the first European explorers who encountered Native Americans, those who arrived later believed that A. their similar superstitions made Native American religion acceptable. B. Native Americans failed to make use of the land, so it was acceptable for Europeans to take it and use it. C. because the Native American men engaged in hunting and fishing, their gender divisions were acceptable. D. Native Americans were gentle and friendly. 6) In their relations with Native Americans, the Dutch A. tried to drive Native Americans into the Puritan colony. B. sought to imitate the Spanish. C. avoided warfare at all costs. D. concentrated more on economics than religious conversion. 7) What statement about Spanish America is true? A. Spaniards outnumbered the Indian inhabitants within fifty years of settlement. B. Spanish America was very rural and had few urban centers. C. Over time, Spanish America evolved into a hybrid culture. D. The Catholic Church played only a minor role in Spanish America. 8) When Europeans arrived, many Native Americans A. learned their languages. B. tried to use them to enhance their standing with other Native Americans. C. simply attacked them. D. hid in nearby cave dwellings. 9) ______________helped to correct Columbus’s theory that he had found a route to Asia by showing that Europeans had encountered an entirely new continent. - Amerigo Vespucci 10) The _____________ was the transatlantic flow of goods and people that began after Christopher Columbus reached the New World. -
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Quizes 1- 6 Combines - Quiz 1 1) A. B. C. D. Which...

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