lecture2 - Diamonds Early Eurasia Contagion Microbes...

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Unformatted text preview: Diamonds Early Eurasia Contagion Microbes Contagion - spreading of disease from one individual to another (direct or indirect) Diamond discusses how microbes change/evolve - darwinian (survival of the Fttest) Fttest microbes mutate and adapt to new conditions (i.e. when humans began domesticating animals) microbes latched on to domesticating human (caucus mountain people) Diamond takes perspective of microbe happens through fornication with domesticated animals (exchange of bodily uids) - ch. 11 handling dung, blood, urine of animals animals more susceptible to diseases among themselves (conFned in small spaces) and pass on to people humans eat infected animals some microbes can be passed via air (through coughing/sneezing) - p. 207 deadly gifts Measles, tuberculosis, smallpox come from mutated microbes of cows Inuenza, pertussis, malaria Inuenza - comes from pigs and ducks (China) Cold - comes from pigs Malaria comes from certain birds, especially chickens Immunities Frst humans to domesticate animals were Frst to become immune to these diseases immunities were passed on throughout generations deadly gifts were mixed blessing - used unwittingly against americans Mesopotamia Tigris River Mesopotamia - hot-aired land, surrounded by mountains Euphrates River Surpluses needed surpluses to survive because of isolation Scarcity resulted because of hard climate Cradle of civilization (western) area around mesopotamia mesopotamia is part of fertile crescent rise - 5,000 BC Babylonians, Assyrians mesopotamians called themselves babylonians and assyrians comprises much of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iron Sumerians Babylon, Urok, Ur Babylon - biggest city Urok, Ur - biblical cities Lecture 2 cities strong - based on agriculture...
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lecture2 - Diamonds Early Eurasia Contagion Microbes...

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