lecture3 - Lecture 3 The Power of Societies Bronze Age/Iron...

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The Power of Societies Bronze Age/Iron Age Autocatalytic process typewriter - keyboards - why weird? - so fast typers could not jam them How certain cultures developed metal fabrication and some cultures did not previous mastery of simpler problems autocatalytic process (as applied to inventions) - other breakthroughs would not happen without Gutenberg printing press (1486 AD) started wave of printing throughout Europe needed movable letters, strong metal, ink, scripts - all transferred from eurasia printed Gutenberg Bible in 1400s existence catalyzed invention of modern printing press and printed materials people read same things Metal fabrication requires soft metal ore and a good furnace (heat ore up to liquid form and get rid of impurities) non-nomadic societies bronze - occurred before that of iron soft metal ore needed to be pounded into shape furnaces sedentary societies metals are products of sedentary societies societies protect infrastructure of metal copper, gold, tin copper/gold - Frst to be fabricated tin - mix tin, copper, gold makes bronze Eurasia had metals in abundance bronze mixture of above metals Bronze age began in fertile crescent - 4000 BC in eurasia, 2000 BC in China created another professional class - artisan class societies with bronze had coinage, which increased trade between societies
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lecture3 - Lecture 3 The Power of Societies Bronze Age/Iron...

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