lecture4 - Lecture 4 Toward the Middle Ages Indus Valley...

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Toward the Middle Ages Indus Valley Indus River Valley/Saraswati River geographical are exceeded combined areas of egypt and mesopotamia thrived on Indus River surrounded by mountains in north which protected from invasions drains into Arabian Sea fertile valleys full of silt close to sacred river (dried up) - Saraswati River rise and decline remains a mystery we still have not been able to decipher their texts - their scripts are unique and unrelated to any Southasian scripts 1052 settlements known today Harappa/Mohenjodaro two best known settlements Mohenjodaro densely populated urban centers upper and lower classes apartments and houses drainage systems cities were well built and organized advanced civilization no deFnitive religion - no building clearly deFned as temple inhabitants were technological innovators - civil engineering works mass production phenomenon Indus people were quite fashionable complete lack of military-related objects absence of palaces/forts seems there is no presece of authority Urban Planning Water and Sanitation sanitation was very important in their society public/private wells - over 700 great bath - ritualistic purpose? Pottery and Crafts comprehensive chemists learned how to produce various metals made metallic tools can be found in craft making and dentistry Metals Trade Routes facilitated by technology it’s not certain what indus valley people received from mesopotamians Lecture 4
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Agriculture used agriculture to a great extent Fruits and Nuts: Grapes, Date Palms, Walnuts and almonds winter crops well-adapted to food irrigation weather had an impact o± type o± ±ood grown cereal 3/4 o± daily choleric intake could be ²rst to domesticate cotton agricultural sites were very spread out
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lecture4 - Lecture 4 Toward the Middle Ages Indus Valley...

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