lecture7 - Lecture 7 A Clash of Cultures in America...

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A Clash of Cultures in America Toscanelli Christopher Columbus hero? smart, ruthless, ambitious man 1492 and American civilization columbus - “prime directive” - intervened on other, lesser, civilization monarchs/merchants, excited to expand trading the orient - wanted to trade spices, fuel, oil orient-western trade controlled by italian merchants 1450s - European navigators looked for sea routes for trade born 1451, became a sailor, learned earth was round Toscanelli published theory of round earth 50 years older than columbus excelled in math and enrolled at the university of Padua Toscanelli went to spanish to get interest from people 33 days after leaving, landed on one of the outer Bahamian islands Portugal University of Padua studied math, science, medicine obtained medical degree became one of Florence’s greatest mathematicians Cosmography “study of the world” - wanted to study astronomy theorized that Eurasia covered about 2/3 of the world - therefore 1/3 was uncovered, thus spherical world came up with “sphere world” map in 1464 sail east to orient - no leeway with Portuguese Ptolemy greek egyptian astronomer/mathematician 2nd century AD - spoke of a spherical world orbits of the moon/planets and the position of the stars Ferdinand and Isabella King and queen of spain - talked about expedition of 1492 monarchs of Aragon and Pastille - two kingdoms were united spain was most catholic place in all of Europe - had expelled many jews and muslims used Toscanelli’s map to guide ships to Americas Spanish nationalism strong sense of nationalism brought to the Americas - “convert everyone to christianity”
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lecture7 - Lecture 7 A Clash of Cultures in America...

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