lecture8 - European America New Spain Encomienda system...

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Unformatted text preview: European America New Spain Encomienda system 1540s - spanish discovered huge silver deposits in mountains of Peru,Bolivia, and Mexico set up 2 systems that transformed new spain encomienda - system of slave labor and tribute sometimes was a whole village of enslaved people Cortes had many encomiendas in Technochtitlan people provided tribute to encomienda holders provided labor - domestic and extensive encomienda holder promised protection to slaves Spaniards liked to live off the work of others at best - was a rigid labor system, at worst - was slavery Tribute Protection Mission system discovered a whole new world of heathens to convert to Christianity introduced mission system as colonization became too large for encomienda system Spain believed in doctrine of conversion Indians were heathens, but were human sent missionaries to new spain to do Gods work religious orders subjects had rights to education, conversion Indians were to become spanish - replaced traditional religions with roman catholicism systems shook culture of Americas - can be seen today spain - organized around catholic nation (christianity) as long as people converted, they would be recognized as people Proselytizing process of conversion in mission system - evangelism...
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lecture8 - European America New Spain Encomienda system...

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