lecture9 - Lecture 9 England Laboratory of the Industrial...

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England: Laboratory of the Industrial World The British Isles Celts, Druids demonstrates east-west transference of greco-roman culture Romans came to British Isles Celts migrated from central europe had iron weapons, horses, and were very warlike Druids - chief Roman Emperor built a wall - “Hadrian’s Wall” to keep barbarians from south of england (100 - 130 AD) Angles, Saxons come next to british isles germanic people who migrated around 400 AD spread throughout country side in small manners and farms rich land - good farming land - led to prosperity christianity came as the roman empire collapsed (300 - 400 AD) land was blessed with 19 miles of water between isles and continent Norman Conquest water did not stop the norman conquest was led by a man named Duke William of the Normans Normans were people of Viking decent - came from north of France defeated the anglo saxons, led by king Herold at the Battle of Hastings Duke William King Harold Battle of Hastings 1066 AD - Normans conquered Angles and Saxons 20 years after, England was in chaos William the Conqueror “king of Enlgland” 1080s - make farms pay taxes to support his state success of taxation would legitimize his rule as king Domesday Book scribes wrote census during 1086 (spelled how english would) came to every farm/manner and wrote down everything that was there (livestock, acres, tools, etc.) 2 volumes - great doomsday and little doomsday advanced demographic study to new levels most comprehensive compilation of data advances england in environmental manipulation - english knew everything was there 1086 - 1/2 million people lived in england Magna Carter 1215 - king john wrote to ensure power of the king however, after he died, it was expanded to include the rights of the non-nobility Lecture 9
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move towards a more representative government put english ahead in pro-capitalistic society - began to embrace it england was frst to enter an industrial society Industrial Revolution? Enlightenment
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lecture9 - Lecture 9 England Laboratory of the Industrial...

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