lecture12 - Lecture 12 Toward Global Conservation Toward...

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Toward Global Conservation Toward Biocentrism Biocentrism nature has rights in and of itself - it is not just there to serve the human race anthropocentrism nature is present to serve the human race John Muir took philosophies of romantics and transcendentalists and combined them to form biocentrism Issue Four Taking Sides - should the endangered species act of 1973 be strengthened John Kostyack “yes” to endangered species act - testimony in 2005 to US senate director of Wildlife Conservation and Global Warming foundation points to success of saving habitats of endangered species act is successful in saving species from extinction Monita Fontaine “no” to endangered species act represents national marines manufacturer’s association state and local laws are more easily manipulated than federal laws issue is still debated scienti±c comparison biodiversity - what will happen if we lose it? wilderness (land undeveloped by any humans) is healthy land developed land is unhealthy then, why is it important to have healthy land? wilderness is good for scienti±c comparison how do we know what is healthy land if there is none left to study scienti±c comparison is a wilderness value Conservation biology study of undeveloped land - large areas of undisturbed wilderness needed wilderness contains answers for questions we haven’t learned to ask many endangered species exist in wilderness areas (rainforest) what if one of those animals contains the essence for the cure for cancer if we destroy that animal’s habitat, the animal will become extinct, and that cure is gone forever In nature we ±nd the past of the world and humanity In wilderness, we ±nd inspiration - photographers, painters, etc. ties into spirituality
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lecture12 - Lecture 12 Toward Global Conservation Toward...

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