lecture13 - The Environmental Impact of Global War- fare...

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Unformatted text preview: The Environmental Impact of Global War- fare Ypres World War I war is the by-product of an industrializing nation - feeds capitalism or som global warfare has left a legacy of toxic waste, chemical issues, etc, that will outlive all of us warfare had been expanding since 1700s and 1800s WWI - 1914 - 1918 - the great war all continents were at war - introduced the world to many new weapons How did it grow in magnitude? Ypres, Belgium - Frst battles occurred here by 1915, all of Europe was at war England lost 900,000 young men - greatly effected the nation Germans wanted to gain territory and thus, started a war - they didnt think Britain would join all industrialized nations had also been militarized rance/Germany were helped by Napoleon - started the draft, taxing the french, etc. Europe - century-old hate for neighboring countries 2 events led to WWI uniFcation of Germany in 1867 uniFcation of Italy in 1870 Civilian armies of 100,000s fought European countries began alliances in 1880s and 1890s reason Great European Civil War Involved all these nations, industrialization, militarization, and assassinations will all these in place, the single assassination of ranz erdinand began WWI Assassination of ranz erdinand erdinand - heir to throne of Autstria-Hungary June 1914 in Bosnia Austro-Hungarians blamed the Serbs (alliances with Russia, Russia thus declared war on AH) Western ront saw more action than the western front of WWII British joined rench in resisting German offense area of over 100 miles wide North Sea Germans believed they could take over sea forces began near Ypres 1st Battle of Ypres if Germans controlled North Sea, all sea ports would also be controlled (in Britain as well)...
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lecture13 - The Environmental Impact of Global War- fare...

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