lecture14 - The Environmental Impact of Global War fare...

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Unformatted text preview: The Environmental Impact of Global War- fare Ethyl • Tetraethyl Lead • ethyl is common name for this • signiFcance: great example for what our government will do to promote the use of something it wants during war • Frst developed for peace time purposes to improve the performance of an internal combustion engine • WWII set the framework for 60 years of cold war after it • Charles Kettering • 1912 - Frst to develop electric starter used in internal combustion engines • turn a key instead of a crank • this improved the performance of engines signiFcantly • needed to improve the fuel for these engines as well • Alfred P. Sloan • 1921 - joined forces with Kettering • consolidated car companies to make General Motors (head of GM) • along with Kettering, formed Ethyl Corp. • believed if he leaped past ¡ord, GM would take over - needed more powerful engine • General Motors • Sloan’s motive was to make GM largest corporation • Ethyl Corp. • if you add tetraethyl lead to gasoline, a new compound is formed that reduces engine knock • improves performance by 25% - stops the knock • wanted to put high performance engines in all types of cars • there was an availability of leaded fuel • leaded fuel became more prevalent through the 1930s • superior technology - improvements in technologies from tanks to planes • subsidized ethyl corp. and gas companies to produce more leaded fuel • High Octane Gasoline...
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lecture14 - The Environmental Impact of Global War fare...

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