lecture15 - Lecture 15 Global Warfare and Environmental...

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Global Warfare and Environmental Re- sponses H-Bomb Atomic Cafe movie Civil Defense government needed to prepare america for nuclear war civil defense came about in WWII - tried to get everyone ready for a nuclear attack Fallout shelters companies made a lot of money off of fallout shelters big barrel buried about 20 ft below ground you would go there until nuclear war was over, and stay until fallout levels were safe millions of shelters were put in place in US and worldwide proved the sense of a coming nuclear war bombs contained mega-tons of TNT idea of surviving bomb became less and less prevalent through the mid-1960s Dr. Strangelove 1964 - “how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb” stanley hubert ±lm B-52 could carry 2 bombs, each worth 20 mega-tons (40 mega-tons each) helped changed the public’s view in the western world of surviving an H-Bomb we ask, “how could people be so naive?” the average american does not challenge authority - they listen and obey world was geared for war before this movie, it became clear that there would be no survival Fail Safe 1965 - based on a novel two major cities are destroyed to avoid a nuclear war fear of nuclear war became a deterrent during the 1960s US and USSR tested bombs in paci±c and siberia Atmospheric tests 40 mega-tons tested bombs and destroyed islands left huge plumes of radioactive smoke environmentalists noticed the harm of atmospheric tests attempt to stop atmospheric testing was one of ±rst efforts of environmental movement Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 1963 - stopped atmospheric testing environmental consequences contributed radically to the rati±cation H-Bomb fallout went for hundreds of miles concerned citizens grouped together Ban the Bomb came from treaty - rose about the same time Lecture 15
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people carried signs and had protests transferred activism to more environmentally-caused programs nuclear bomb inspired environmental movement for other issues (air pollution) Nuclear fatalism permeated 1950s and 1960s people wrote reFecting this fatalism - “we’re all going to die in a ±ery holocaust” Rachel Carson, Paul Erhlich
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lecture15 - Lecture 15 Global Warfare and Environmental...

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