lecture17 - Lecture 17 Environmental Paradoxes Julian Simon...

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Environmental Paradoxes Julian Simon University of Maryland 1932-1998 Interview in 1991 worried a lot about the lessons people take - that the market place would solve everything strict economic determinist - millions take his side only important life is humans - all other animals/plants/etc. don’t matter no use for wilderness except for human gain biodiversity - unproven, wild theory - simon could care less about animals going extinct environmentalism - based on “bad science” bet with Ehrlic about 5 metals but, just because metals are cheaper, doesn’t mean they’re becoming less scarce population - simon says we don’t have enough people Cato Institute Neo-Smithian Economic rules A-Spiritual Wallace Stegner we need wild country as a means of assuring our sanity as creatures Tragedy of the Commons Garrett Hardin 1915-2003 calls for mandatory restrictions on having children mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon tragedy of commons - solved by private property pro-abortion - more human and less costly than bringing into the world an unwanted child wrote 27 books and 350 articles - variations on tragedy of the commons tragedy - sheep grazing on common land if each shepherd decides to graze more sheep, you will have more wool, more milk however, the earth will suffer 1942 - stanford for doctorate taught in ecology and environmental concerns Pollution, optimum Population, over-population Mandatory restrictions global-enforceable laws Mutual coercion there is no technological solution to cold war - can’t keep inventing new weapons to win argues that only by making mandatory restriction will we save the human race
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lecture17 - Lecture 17 Environmental Paradoxes Julian Simon...

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