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Chapter 31 ---------- P2 C=9.14e-9 F P4 t(earliest)=5.0 mu-s P18(a) U_E/U=25% P22 L=3.6e-3 H P24 t=(L/R) ln 2 P26 q=exp(-N pi R sqrt(C/L)) cos(phi) Chapter 32 ---------- P14 dE/dt=7.2e12 V/(m.s) P18 i_D=-2.1e-8 A Chapter 33
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Unformatted text preview: ----------P2 d=0.3 m P8 B_m=1.07e-12 T P10(a) B_m=1.67e-8 T P20 pressure=3.3e-8 Pa P26 A=0.95 km-sq P34 transmitted fraction is 0.045% P40 transmitted fraction is 0.9.4% P42(a) theta_2=19.6 degrees...
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