ASSIGN13 - Section: _ Name: _ Assignment 13: Nuclear...

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Section: ______ Name: ______________________________ Section Instructor: ______________________________ Assignment 13: Nuclear Physics Concepts: properties of nuclei nuclear binding energies radioactive decay radioactive dating neutron activation analysis nuclear fission and fusion Reading in text: Chapter 42: Sections 1-7, 9. Chapter 43: Sections 1, 2, 4, 5 (optional), 6-8. Assignment: No quiz on this assignment and it is not due but its material will be covered in the Final Exam. 1. Nucleons (protons and neutrons) seem to be close-packed in the atomic nucleus like marbles in a sack. The mass density of “nuclear matter” in the sack works out to be about . (See textbook Sample Problem 42-2.) 21 0 17 3 × kg / m (a) What would be the mass and weight (here on Earth) of a teaspoon ( 5 3 cm ) of nuclear matter? Please give the weight in newtons, pounds ( 14 ), and tons (1 ). 4 5 lb N = . 2000 ton lb = (b) A neutron star is a dense stellar object of close-packed nucleons (mostly neutrons) whose density is about that of nuclear matter. Suppose that our Sun were to collapse into such a star without losing any of its present mass (see textbook Appendix C). What would be its radius (in km)? What familiar distance is comparable to this? 2. Calculate the distance of closest approach for a head-on collision between a 7.0 MeV alpha
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ASSIGN13 - Section: _ Name: _ Assignment 13: Nuclear...

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