ASSIGN9 - Section Name Assignment 9 Wave Optics...

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Section: ______ Name: ______________________________ Section Instructor: ______________________________ Assignment 9: Wave Optics & Interference Concepts: interference coherence Huygens’ principle two-slit interference diffraction thin-film interference Reading in text: Chapter 35: Sections 1-7. Assignment: Quiz may be given on Tuesday April 7 or Wednesday April 8. Due in lecture on Monday April 6. 1. Use Huygens’ principle to show that the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence for a plane wave incident on a plane mirror. 2. In a double-slit arrangement the slits are separated by a distance equal to 25 times the wavelength of the light passing through the slits. screen mask with slits incident wave (a) What is the angular separation in radians between the central intensity maximum and an adjacent maximum? What is this angle in degrees? (b) What is the distance between these maxima on a screen 70 cm from the slits? 3. A broad source of light of wavelength 600 nm illuminates at normal incidence two 120 mm long glass plates that touch at one end and are separated by a wire of 0.030 mm
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ASSIGN9 - Section Name Assignment 9 Wave Optics...

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