PS - Hey all I know this is super long and I would love...

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Hey all!! I know this is super long and I would love some tips on cutting it down. It is my first, first draft and I need some definite help. .. I would like grammar/punctuation advice, tips on cutting it down (or tell me if you think it is not too long) also is there too much info. here? Should I hone in on a particular part of my story? Emphasize something more, something less? I know it is long, so thanks so much for reading: I came from a wonderful family. Two loving parents who were married in the Mormon Temple, attended church every Sunday and had six children, myself being the oldest. My mother stayed at home with us while my father worked. We lived an upper middle class life with little to worry about. Each morning we would wake up with breakfast served and say our prayers together as a family. I would then walk my brothers to school and continue on to school myself. All of my friends loved coming over because my parents were so nice, I had so many siblings to play with and a huge house to play hide and seek in. I took piano lessons, ballet and we even had a horse. I had a wonderful, blessed childhood. In 1995 my parents told us they were getting divorced; it was a huge shock. I had never even seen them argue. I got all of my brothers and my sister together and told them it would be okay, I really thought it would. From here my father moved out and things quickly turned into a he said she said battle. Things got so bad between them my mother feared for her safety and ours and we went and stayed in a SAFE place shelter for a couple of weeks. She was always looking out the window scared. I was scared too of course, but I felt like I had to be strong and brave for her and my siblings. Once my mother decided things were safe, we went back and of course my dad drilled us for answers on where we had been and such. When we responded it elicited a “You know I would never hurt any of you, right?” response, to which we had to respond “of course”,
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PS - Hey all I know this is super long and I would love...

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