test #45 - A-4 A A A A A A A A A Time-35 minutes 26...

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Time—35 minutes 26 Questions Directions: The questions in this section are based on the reasoning contained in brief statements or passages. For some questions, more than one of the choices could conceivably answer the question. However, you are to choose the best answer; that is, the response that most accurately and completely answers the question. You should not make assumptions that are by commonsense standards implausible, super±uous, or incompatible with the passage. After you have chosen the best answer, blacken the corresponding space on your answer sheet. 1. The obsession of economists with consumption as a measure of economic well-being has prevented us from understanding the true nature of economic well-being. We get very little satisfaction out of the fact that our clothing wears out, our automobiles depreciate, and the gasoline in our tanks burns up and must be replaced. The author is arguing that (A) economic well-being cannot be de²ned solely in terms of consumption (B) satisfaction is possible without consumption (C) valid measures of consumption cannot be devised (D) modern products are designed for early obsolescence (E) satisfaction can provide an adequate quantitative measure of economic well-being 2. Commentator: Many people argue that the release of chloro±uorocarbons into the atmosphere is harming humans by damaging the ozone layer, thus allowing increased amounts of ultraviolet radiation to reach Earth. But 300,000 years ago a supernova greatly damaged the ozone layer, with no signi²cant effect on our earliest ancestors. Because the supernova’s disruption was much greater than the estimated effect of chloro±uorocarbons today, there is no reason to think that these chemicals in the atmosphere harm humans in this way. Which one of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the commentator’s argument? (A) Extraterrestrial in±uences on the ozone layer tend to occur less often than terrestrial ones. (B) Natural events, such as the eruption of volcanoes, continue to damage the ozone layer today. (C) Our earliest ancestors possessed genetic characteristics making them more resistant than we are to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. (D) The ozone layer regenerates at a slow rate, barring counteractive processes. (E) Scientists have discovered that genetic changes occurred in our ancestors during the period in which the supernova affected Earth. 3. A reason Larson cannot do the assignment is that she has an unavoidable scheduling con±ict. On the other hand, a reason Franks cannot do the assignment is that he does not quite have the assertiveness the task requires. So, the task must be assigned to Parker, the only supervisor in the shipping department other than Larson and Franks.
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test #45 - A-4 A A A A A A A A A Time-35 minutes 26...

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