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CIS100-Lab1-PreparingYourPC - Fall various homework lab and...

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ny of the CIS100 Assignments. Computer labs in CoB 045 and DA 304 are generally available and acceptable to use for completing Lab and Hom C software for various homework, lab, and project assignments as well as other activities required for successful course completion th some ngs in Microsoft Word and Excel ersion of required software products is properly installed on PCs that students use for this course critical security patches have been fully applied to the students’ computer operating system and sub-system components, including browsers the need for a PC-based firewall and anti-virus software derstand the importance of using strong passwords to secure their PCs ed issues with a few steps in this assignment, since their configuration differs somewhat from traditional IBM-compatible PCs that are more commonly us Fall 2009 CIS100 - Lab 1 (Preparing Your PC) Name: Collins Justin CIS100 - 04 Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009 1 If you have not already done so, update the required identification information in the shaded area above. Be sure to include your last name and first name as well as your section number. For the date, press the F1 key to request Microsoft Word Help and then search for the term “date” in order to find out how to insert today’s date in the remaining shaded area above, using the format “ dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy”. Note that many of the steps in these instructions will require you to copy and paste the contents of the active window (which is typically the window highlighted in dark blue) on your PC. You should perform this copy using the Alt+ Print Screen key sequence (or Fn + Prnt Screen on some laptops) to first copy the image, and then paste it into this document using the Ctrl + letter v shortcut. If you do not have Microsoft Office 2007 installed on your laptop or desktop PC, you should consider purchasing a copy of it from the U of L iTech Xpress store at a significant discount available to all students. Check out The Ultimate Steal for an even better deal (less than $60). If you are unable to purchase it at this time for financial reasons, then you will need to download a 60-day trial copy from Microsoft by clicking here . University of Louisville College of Business
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CIS 100-04 Preparing PC Justin Collins 2 Open up Excel and check to be sure that you have the latest Service Pack (SP) for the Microsoft (MS) Office software product suite installed. Service Packs are vital to maintaining the security and integrity of software products installed on your PC, since they include a bundling of all critical security updates and important new features that are periodically released by Microsoft (usually made available during the second week of each month on “Patch Tuesday”). Later in this document you will confirm that Windows Update feature is activated to ensure that this important update process is done automatically for both the MS Office product suite and Windows operating system (OS) components.
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CIS100-Lab1-PreparingYourPC - Fall various homework lab and...

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