syllabus - World Hunger, Population, and Food Supplies...

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Unformatted text preview: World Hunger, Population, and Food Supplies AREC: 365 Fall 2009 Syllabus (Version 1: 08/25/09) Description of the Course This course is specifically designed to cover the issue of Hunger, Food Security and Malnutrition without any prerequisites. If you have taken courses in economics or nutrition you might get more out of this class, but you need not have taken any of these courses. We will follow the text book that was written for this class with a few references to other material. Time and Location: MWF 12-12:50 0226 HJP Instructor: Kenneth Leonard, 2116a Symons Hall, 5-8589, email: Office Hours: MF 1:00 - 2:00 I try to be available in the hall right outside of class immediately after class as well as during my office hours. TA: Pinar Gunes, email: Office Hours: W 1:00-2:30 3101 Symons Hall TA: Kota Minegishi, email: Office Hours: Th 4:00-6:00 3118 Symons Hall TA: Sean Sylvia, email: Office Hours: T 2:00-4:00 3112 Symons Hall Text: Foster, P. and Leathers, H. (2009). The World Food Problem . Lynne-Reiner, Boulder, Colorado, 4 edition, Yan, M. (2005). The Diary of Ma Yan . Harper Collins, New York (Both books are available at the bookstore. The Diary of Ma Yan will be the subject of Homework assignment number 7, due approximately November 1st. If you wait until the week before to buy this book it will no longer be available in the bookstore. This is a good book to arrange to share with another student. You should have your own copy of the Foster and Leathers text.) Blackboard (ELMS): We will use the online course management tool ELMS for this class. ( Homework, lecture notes, quizzes, and reading assignments will be posted on that site. Homework: Homework is posted and should be turned in using Blackboard. There will be 10 homework assignments with due dates indicated on Blackboard. Each assignment is worth 20 course points. Every assignment must be submitted by 11:59 PM on the day it is due. The assignment will remain open for another five days after the due date and you loose 2 course points for each day it is late. After five days, the assignment can no longer be turned it is late....
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syllabus - World Hunger, Population, and Food Supplies...

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