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HANDOUT FOR LECTURE 6: THE CONQUESTS OF ALEXANDER AND THE BEGINNING OF THE HELLENISTIC PERIOD See Daniel 8:1-27 (the vision of the ram and the he-goat). Jaddua - Jewish high priest at time of Alexander's conquest. Alexander became king of Macedon in 336 B.C.E. In 334 he invaded the Persian Empire, defeating the Persian king Darius III in three successive battles. In 332 - Alexander marched through Palestine on his way to Egypt. Alexander's death in 323 plunged his empire into a 30-year long civil war. This is called the war between the Diadochoi, that is, the Macedonian generals who were Alexander's successors. Seleucus (and his successors, the Seleucids) established a kingdom in Syria- Mesopotamia. Ptolemy (and his successors, the Ptolemies) established a kingdom in Egypt. Palestine was under Ptolemaic rule from 301-200. Although the Samaritans initially submitted peacefully to Alexander, they later rebelled
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Unformatted text preview: against his governor, Andromachus. Evidence for the Samaritan revolt has been found in Wadi ed-Daliyeh. After the revolt, Alexander banished the Samaritans from the city of Samaria, which became a Macedonian military colony. The Samaritans settled at biblical Shechem (at the foot of Mount Gerizim). Alexander gave the Samaritan governor Sanballat III permission to build a new temple. Manasseh, a brother of the Jerusalemite high priest Jaddua, had married Nikaso, the daughter of Sanballat. Manasseh became the high priest of the temple on Mount Gerizim. The Samaritans called themselves "the Sidonians of Shechem." Sidonians = people from the Canaanite/Phoenician city of Sidon. Map 3: HELLENISTIC PALESTINE I-Boundary of a Seleucid eparchy 2-Boundary of a Ptolemaic hyparchy 3 -City areas 4 - Area transferred from Samaria and Id Parafio...
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