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HANDOUT FOR LECTURES7-8`: PTOLEMAIC PALESTINE Josephus reports that Ptolemy I took Jerusalem through deception. Although the Ptolemies assumed control of Palestine after the Battle of Ipsus (201), the Seleucids never surrendered their claim to the region. This created pro- and anti- Ptolemaic factions in Judah. The last high priest named in the Hebrew Bible is Jaddua (Neh. 12:22), a contemporary of Darius III and Alexander the Great. He was succeeded by his son Onias I (323-301), who was succeeded by his son Simon I. Strategos: Greek term for the head of the civil and military administration of a province. Under the Hellenistic rulers, the provinces were divided into smaller units called hyparchiae, which in turn were subdivided into toparchies (=Greek nomos). The coast of Palestine was divided into Greek-style cities (singular polis; plural poleis), including Akko (or Acre) = Ptolemais. There were also Greek colonies, including Beth Shean (=Nysa-Scythopolis), and Amman (Philadelphia). The district ofAmmon (around
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