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IR 213 Syllabus - IR 213: The Global Economy School of...

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IR 213: The Global Economy School of International Relations University of Southern California Fall 2009 Instructor: Iva Bozovic Class meeting: T Th 3:30 – 4:50 (ZHS 352) Contact: [email protected] , (213) 821-3002 Office hours: T 10-12 Office: VKC 42C OVERVIEW AND OBJECTIVES: This is a course provides a foundation in international economics for students in International Relations. The course will equip you with essential tools with which to understand the modern global economy. By the end of this course you will be familiar with 1) basic economic principles, 2) essentials of international economics, 3) key economic forces and players in the international arena, 4) key conflicts and policy issues, and 4) the inherent challenges of the global economy. Recommended preparation: IR 210. We will begin with some basic microeconomic concepts. These are the tools which we will need to examine international trade, international production and international finance. Together, these three aspects of international economics will help us define and understand globalization as a prominent force in the world economy today. Against the background of globalization, we will consider the challenges of economic development and post-communist transition. REQUIREMENTS: The course grade will be based on the following elements: homework assignments (30%), 2 midterm exams (20% each) , and a final exam (30%). 1. Homework Assignments : There will be several homework assignments given out during the course and you are required to complete all of them. Generally, the homework assignment will be given to you in class and posted on Blackboard . The assignments are due in class and cannot be e-mailed unless cleared with the instructor ahead of time. Late assignments will be penalized and you can be late only up to a day. I will not accept homework assignments later than one business day following their due date. Your TA will go over the solutions in the section following the due date for each assignment. 2. Exams : We will have two midterms and the provisionally scheduled dates are listed in the syllabus. I may change the dates of the midterms to accommodate our progress with the material. The students will be notified of any changes via Blackboard . and in class. The final will take place in our classroom on 12/15 from 2-4 pm. I do not give any make-up exams. You must contact me in advance if you have a valid documented reason for not being able
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IR 213 Syllabus - IR 213: The Global Economy School of...

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