IR 306 090109 Notes

IR 306 090109 Notes - you need 2/3 and all permanent...

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IR 306 090109 (book at UCI) Can recommend but cannot coerce San Francisco Conference o The alliance against natzi – United Nations Subordination of regional security organization to UN – Article 51 - If attacked you and others can defend you (collective defense) until security council can defend you but if they do not, you are able to do whatever you want o Latin America worries about communism Wants to form a force communion within themselves Veto is controversial o “23 question” and veto over procedural matters Lessons of the league of nations? o Collective security doesn’t work o Unanimity paralyzes institutions o Organization needs teeth o US and soviets must be members o Need for bipartisan consensus in US 1. Article 1 – whether a nation can help and defend other countries 2. Why chapter 5 article 23 will never change? (the list of the countries):
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Unformatted text preview: you need 2/3 and all permanent members of the security council must agree in order to change but why would they agree cuz it basically means that they are agreeing to getting dropped from the security council. 3. Rights of smaller countries: a. Allows small countries to come and listen and participate the security council talks but cannot vote 4. Chapter 6 a. Specifics all specific settlement of disputes – what the security council can do without coercions to fights and bring peace UN Charter • “Negative guarantee” – not as strong as collective security o What a nation states what they will not do rather than stating what they will do • “custodianship” of the security council • Universal membership and small power representation • Action is not automatic • Veto requires unanimity of great powers...
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IR 306 090109 Notes - you need 2/3 and all permanent...

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