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University of Georgia Modern Organic Chemistry 1 Laboratory CHEM 2211L Fall 2009 Lab Coordinator: Dr. Richard Hubbard Email: rhubbard@chem.uga.edu Phone: 542-1974 Office: Room 513 Office Hours: MTR 2:00-3:00 pm Text: Experiments in Organic Chemistry, Hill and Barbaro. Notebook: Any laboratory notebook that makes duplicate pages. The Hayden and McNeil notebook sold at the bookstore is recommended. Lab Check-In/General Info: Every week you will report to your pre-lab lecture room (Room 400) before going to your assigned laboratories (rooms 434, 438, 441). A pre-lab lecture and quiz will be given by your laboratory instructor prior to each week’s experiment(s) . After the briefing, you will follow your lab instructor to your assigned laboratory. The day of your first lab meeting, you will be checking into the lab drawer that you will use each week during the course of the semester. It is imperative that your drawer be fully equipped after check-in. Once your drawer is properly outfitted, sign your check-in sheet and give it to your TA. You will need to purchase goggles and a Masterlock V69 or V72 series combination padlock from the UGA bookstore to lock your drawer. Please note that only the V69 and V72 series padlocks are acceptable . You will not be allowed to participate in the lab if you do not have a proper padlock by the time experimental work begins. Experiments: The experiments in CHEM 2211L focus on teaching basic organic laboratory techniques, while performing some of the reactions you are learning in lecture, in addition to exposing you to some of the more common analytical instruments. You are expected to work alone (i.e. without a lab partner) unless otherwise instructed. Lab Reports: Lab reports for CHEM 2211L are due at the beginning of the following week's lab meeting and will be returned to you the following week. A guideline for writing lab reports is attached to this syllabus. Each report should be submitted with a cover sheet. A copy of the cover sheet is attached to the end of this syllabus. Each student must submit an individual report. Absences: In order for an absence to be excused, appropriate documentation must be presented to Dr. Hubbard. You have one week to turn in your documentation to Dr. Hubbard or your absence will be considered unexcused . Do not turn in your excused absence documentation to your TA . All information must be given directly to Dr. Hubbard. Any missed experiments will be counted as a zero unless an excused experiment approval form is obtained. There are no make-up labs. Any student with two or more excused 1
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absences will be assigned a grade of incomplete ("I") for the course. Any report due on the day of an absence must be turned in to your lab instructor by the beginning of your next scheduled lab period. Check-out and Lab Final Exam:
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2211L%20Syllabus%20-%20Fall%202009 - University of Georgia...

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