BISC 121 Final Exam (2007)

BISC 121 Final Exam (2007) - NAME TA FINAL EXAM BISC 121...

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FINAL EXAM BISC 121 – December 2007 True False (3 points each) circle the correct one 1. T F Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been as high as current levels several times in the past 500,000 years 2. T F In terrestrial systems, the species richness usually decreases from the poles to the equator. 3. T F In the aquatic microbial food web, half of the total material flow typically passes through dissolved organic matter. 4. T F Stratified open ocean surface waters generally have high levels of nutrients like phosphate. 5. T F Biologically magnified toxins usually are more soluble in water than in fats. 6. T F The latest IPCC report says there is considerable doubt that humans are causing global warming. 7. T F Tropical frogs (as described in class) are brightly colored mostly to attract mates 8. T F It has recently been learned that archaea can oxidize ammonia to nitrite 9. T F In cells, catalysis is done by proteins only, not DNA or RNA. 10. T F Prokaryotes today are more evolved than those living a billion years ago 11. T F. The difference between Gross and Net Primary Production is Respiration 12. T F The latest IPCC Report says that it is best to wait several years until future climate impacts are certain before spending money on plans to reduce greenhouse gases. Multiple Choice (3 points each) 1. Which of the following does not fit with the others? A. Dinoflagellates B. Radiolarians C. Apicomplexans D. Ciliates 2. The agent for “Mad Cow Disease” is widely thought to be a A. retrovirus B. prion C. herpesvirus D. DNA virus 3. The process of nitrogen fixation is A. oxidation of ammonium to nitrite B. conversion of nitrogen gas into a form usable by most plants C. use of nitrate as an electron donor D. conversion of nitrosamines to nitrogen gas E. all of the above 4. Which of the following does NOT lead to increased fixed nitrogen A. Cultivation of legumes NAME___________________________ TA______________________________ -1- Points on this page
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B. The Haber process of making N fertilizer C. Biomass burning D. Removal of phosphate from detergents 5. Which of the following is true about ACID RAIN, as described in class A. It comes from fossil fuel combustion products B. It is worse in the western U.S. than in the east C. It has a pronounced diel cycle D. Most lakes are immune due to solar heating E. All of the above 6. Which of the following gases is least important in the problem of global warming? A. carbon dioxide
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BISC 121 Final Exam (2007) - NAME TA FINAL EXAM BISC 121...

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