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chuang chou - way of the earth the way of man and the way...

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Urvish Parikh Chuang Chou This story represents the truest example of a relationship between a student and his teacher. The teacher shows some intriguing example of insight, and the student compelled by the depth of the teacher’s thoughts asks to clear up his misconceptions on the subject at hand. So the teacher goes on the share his insightful thoughts on this world and how the dao works. The way that humans are meant to live is by: the
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Unformatted text preview: way of the earth the way of man and the way of heavens, all flowing together inside of a person in harmony. The teacher explains the subject in such a way that the teacher is again compelled by the answer, and asks to learn more. So the master keeps the students attention the entire time by intriguing him with even his answers of the questions that are asked....
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