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3 - Also calculate K A if the sugar rings are inextensible...

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BENG 112B BIOMECHANICS S 2009 Homework #3 Due Tuesday 4/21 before class Suggested Studying and Reading: 1. Boal Chapters 2, 3, and 7 Analysis Problems: 1. Consider the Maxwell model discussed in Tuesday’s class. Now apply a cyclic strain to the system such that = o + ct for 0 t t 1 and = o -c(t-t 1 ) for t 1 t 2t 1 where c is a constant. Compute the stress on the system as a function of time. Also, compute the hysteresis of the system , e.g. area in the loop / area under the loading curve. 2. Gram-negative bacteria have cell walls composed of thin peptidoglycan layers similar to: Horizontal filaments (gray) are composed of sugar rings with mean separation between in-plane crosslinks being ~ 4nm. The crosslinks are floppy with end-to-end distance of 1.3 nm and L c of 4nm. What is the persistence length of the chain
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Unformatted text preview: ? Also, calculate K A if the sugar rings are inextensible and then repeat this if they can be deformed as well ( hint: you will need to derive a new K A for a rectangular network where all the links are soft using the node-to-node length of the filament, L, and k sp for each dissimilar element ). Design Problem: The total peripheral resistance in the systemic circulation is equal to the (mean arterial pressure – vena cava pressure)/cardiac output, or Q (the volumetric flow rate) and can be written as R t = P/Q. This quantity is an important estimate of a patient’s cardiovascular health. Design a non-invasive means of measuring R t , including a explanation of the measurement technique (including units), the approximations/assumptions, and the possible errors in the measurement. 4nm...
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