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9-29 Mid Term Outline - -Differet organizations produced...

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The popularity of movies: - Mass-produced commercial products - Reached a mass audience that included all-groups, classes and regions - Reporter (1908) far more people today are reached by moving picture than by daily press, and while we read the newspaper only in parts, the moving picture we see complete.” First nickelodeon opened in 1905: working people were the industry’s main audience; thet were the frequent subjects of films; and they were the makers of movies. - Turned class struggle previously confined to the hidden, provate realm of factories, mines, and fields into highly visable parts of public culture.
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Unformatted text preview: -Differet organizations produced movies, allowing a wide range of political points of view to reach the screen.-Unite people, especially working class, to solve problems at the time; Working class leisure and the rise of commercial recreation. Movies became vechicle to deliver specific contents to the audience.-whether participating in strikes, labor unions, and radical organizations were necessary.-Therefore, movies were both embracd and feared by reformers, radicals, and conservatives.-...
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