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FROM GENOTYPE TO PHENOTYPE 4.1 | Alleles alter Phenotypes in Different Ways -the allele that occurs most freq. in nature, the one that is arbitrarily designated as normal, is often referred to as the wild-type allele (often, but not always dominant) -mutant allele has modified genetic info and specifies an altered gene product If a gene is responsible for the synthesis of a specific enzyme, a mutation in that gene may change the conformation of this enzyme and reduce or eliminate its affinity for the substrate = loss of function mutation // if the loss is complete, the mutation has caused a null allele Gain of function mutations : result in dominant alleles since one copy in a diploid organism is sufficient to alter the normal phenotype // result of increasing the quantity of the gene product // mutation is affecting the regulation of transcription of the gene 4.3 | In Incomplete Dominance, Neither Allele is Dominant - incomplete dominance : blend of alleles; no dominance
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