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Topic_23___Paths_to_Solutions - d Pull CO 2 out of...

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Topic 24: Human Impact on the Planet: Paths to Solutions? 1. General attitudes toward environmental changes 2. Example of greenhouse gases and global warming 3. Causes for optimism: a. Montreal Protocol (Fig. 11.39) b. Lead in gas (Fig. 2) Lead in blood (Fig. 3) c. DDT 4. Causes for pessimism: a. Special problems of CO 2 : The developing world, the developed world, population growth b. Policy makers, uncertainties, risk assessment, scientists, UT’s Commission of 125 c. People, environmental concerns, and acceptable risks (Fig. 4) d. Media 5. Options a. Grow more trees, grow more corn , make stuff with it (including fuel) b. Sprinkle nutrients such as iron into oceans to increase plankton growth c. Add chemicals to the atmosphere that will lead to cooling
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Unformatted text preview: d. Pull CO 2 out of industrial cycle and pump into aquifers, oil reservoirs, or the deep ocean . Uncertainties with CO 2 sequestration. e. Make dry ice by freezing atmospheric CO 2 f. Put mirror at LaGrangian point to reflect sun’s rays g. Anything else?? 6. Opinions 7. Lessons from Easter Island? Lessons from the dinosaurs? Figs. 2&3 Fig. 4. Acceptable risks? Event The Chance it Will Happen to You This Year ____________________________________________________ Dying in airplane crash 1 in 40,000,000 Struck by lightning 1 in 750,000 Dying from smoking 1 in 200,000 Being murdered 1 in 11,000 Dying from AIDS 1 in 11,000 Dying in an auto accident 1 in 5,800 ___________________________________________________...
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Topic_23___Paths_to_Solutions - d Pull CO 2 out of...

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