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Topic 16: Human Population A. Pre-Industrial Revolution historical review a. Homo sapiens evolve at about 500,000 years ago in East-central Africa b. From 500,000 to 10,000 years ago Homo sapiens probably had minimal impact on the environment (Old Stone Age) i. Few in number (fossils are rare compared to other animals) ii. At 10,000 years ago there were around 10 million humans iii. Population changed little over time iv. Hunters and gatherers (i.e., little manipulation of the environment) v. Use of resources confined to tool-making from stones, bones, sticks, etc. .. vi. Radiation of humans from Africa to Europe and Asia, much later to the Americas c. Agricultural Revolution begins at about 10,000 years i. First manipulation of the environment 1. Slash-and-burn techniques to clear land for agriculture 2. Domestication of animals (sheep, goats, pigs) 3. Growing of certain plants as crops (wheat, barley, millet) ii. Change in rate of population from near steady to slow increase
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d. New Stone Age (10,000 to 5,000 years ago) i. Development of settlements around agriculture (concept of a city) ii. Development of civilizations (art, jewelry, written languages) iii. Use of resources includes use of clay for bricks and pottery, stones for building iv. Change of habitat by plowing and irrigation v. Increased rate of population growth especially with improved agriculture e. Bronze Age (5,000 to 3,500 years ago) i. Use of resources includes extensive use of metals
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Topic_16___Population - Topic 16 Human Population A...

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