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Budget_of_outside_time_2250 - any course To receive credit...

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Page 18 in 2007-2008 Undergraduate catalog: (http://www.ses.unomaha.edu/pdf/07-08.pdf) Academic Course Credi t Course credit is determined by the number of hours per week a class is in session, with some exceptions such as laboratory, physical education, band and choir. A course scheduled to meet three times per week for a semester merits, therefore, three semester hours credit. No more credit than the amount stated in the catalog is permitted in
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Unformatted text preview: any course. To receive credit all work must be done under the supervision of a member of the faculty. Students should expect to spend a total of two to three hours per week for each credit hour enrolled. For CHEM 2250: 3 credit hours = 6 hours of outside work Weekly Account of the 6 hours: Reading the text: 1.5 h Reviewing for quizzes and test: 1.0 h Problem solving: 3.0 h Misc.: 0.5 h...
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