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enol_nomen_2_ans - 3-cyclohexenol cis-4-ethyl-2-hexen-1-ol...

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Name the following alcohols that also contain a double bond. Cl OH OH CH 2 CH 3 OH OH 6-chloro-6-hepten-2-ol trans -6-methyl-4-octen-3-ol trick ya, you thought the longest chain was 7 with an ethyl group at the 6 position. Or did you catch it the first time? NOTE: see how bond-line formulas can show the geometry of the double bond (in this case trans). When the chain keeps its "zig-zag" shape it is trans. A cis double bond is shown below.
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Unformatted text preview: 3-cyclohexenol cis-4-ethyl-2-hexen-1-ol NOTE: this alkene can not have geometric isomers (a terminal double bond). Thus, there is no cis or trans notation. NOTE (again!): we don't have to indicate " cis " in the name. For rings smaller than 8 carbons, the double bond has to be cis . A trans double bond in a 6 membered ring would be too twisted (it would break the ring)....
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