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CHEM 2250: Outline #5 Chapters 8 and 9 Chapter 8: I. IR and 13 C Properties of Alkenes sec. 7.6 II. Hydroboration of Alkenes A. Structure of borane sec. 8.1 B. Addition of borane and 9-BBN to unsymmetrical alkenes sec. 8.1 C. Syn addition of boranes sec. 8.2 D. Mechanism of hydroboration sec. 8.3 III. Reaction of Organoboranes sec. 8.4 A. Protonolysis B. Bromination C. Oxidation IV. Addition of Carbenes and Carbeniods sec. 8.7 V. Addition of Halogens A. Addition of Cl 2 and Br 2 sec. 8.8 B. Formation of halohydrins sec. 8.9 VI. Oxymercuation/Demercuration sec. 8.10 VII. Hydrogenation of Alkenes sec. 8.11 VIII. Oxidation of Alkenes A. Oxidation and reduction overview sec. 11.9 B. Ozonylsis not in book C. Hydroxylation sec. 8.5 IX. Synthesis I: functional group transformations Problems: (Chpt 7): 7.42; (Chpt 8) 1-37, 40, 41, 43, 45; (Chpt 11): 11.14, 11.15
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9: Alkynes: I. Nomenclature of Alkynes a. Simple alkynes sec. 9.2 b. Eny-ols not in book c. Ene-enys sec. 9.2 d. Compounds containing two or more of the same functional group II. Spectroscopic Properties of Alkynes sec. 9.5 a. IR b. 13 C III. Hydrogenation of Alkynes sec. 9.8 a. Complete reduction b. Partial reduction, cis-alkenes c. Partial reduction, trans-alkenes IV. Addition of H-X to Alkynes sec. 9.6 V. Hydration of Alkynes sec. 9.7 a. Markovnikov hydration b. Anti-Markovinkov hydration VI. Substitution Reactions to Prepare Alkynes a. Acidity of terminal alkynes sec. 9.10 b. Substitution reactions with the acetylide anion sec. 9.11 VII. Synthesis II: C-C bonding forming reactions sec. 9.12 Problems: 1,2,3(a&b), 4(a&b), 5-18, 20, 22 - 36...
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Outline_5_chpts_8_9 - Chapter 9 Alkynes I Nomenclature of...

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