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CHEM 2250 Outline #6 Chapter 10 Chapter 10: 1 H NMR: I. Nuclei Spins in a Magnetic Field sec. 10.1 II. Chemical Shifts of 1 H nuclei a. Shielding and chemical shifts sec. 10.11 b. Inductive effects on shielding and chemical shifts sec. 10.5 c. π -electron effects on shielding and chemical shifts sec. 10.11 III. Chemical Equivalent Hydrogens and Spectral Integration
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Unformatted text preview: sec. 10.3 & .4 IV. Spin-Spin Coupling in 1 H NMR a. AX systems sec 10.7 b. Shapes of first order doublets, triplets, quartets and quintets sec 10.7 c. A 2 X, A 2 X 2 and A 3 X 2 systems sec 10.7 d. AB systems sec. 10.14 V. Use of Coupling Constants to Determine Connectivity sec. 10.8 VI. Solving Structures sec. 10.10 Problems: 1-15, 18, 22-34...
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