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reson_pro - would be considered the major form C.Use the...

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For the following Lewis structures, do the following: A. Assign formal charges to any atoms that posses a formal charge; note, all valence electrons are shown. B. Draw another resonance form that is more important (major form) than the Lewis structure provided. Used curved arrow notation to show the movement of electrons that produces the new resonace contributor. Be sure that your new resonance contributor is a proper Lewis structure with formal charges applied correctly. Explain why you new rewsonance contributor
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Unformatted text preview: would be considered the major form. C.Use the overhead Bond Type and Bond Lenghts, http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dstack/2250/Overheads/s5b_BOND2.pdf, to provide an estimate for the bond indicate in each structure, C O A) CH 3 B) C) CH 2 D) N C O o C O estimate for the C-O bond: estimate for the C-N bond: estimate for the C-O bond: C O H N H H estimate for the C-N bond:...
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